What To Publish As Your First Blog Post

Hi there! Welcome back to Blog Savvy! A question that many people have when they first start blogging is what their first blog post should be. And it is completely understandable as to why this is a question, so today I will be sharing some tips and ideas on what you can use as your first blog post. So hopefully this is helpful and you are set up for success with your first post.

I want to start by saying that while your first blog post is important, it’s just as important as all the other posts. So don’t stress on having the perfect post because you think it has to mean more than all your other content. I have been blogging for three years now and I honestly don’t remember what my first blog post way.

But if you are just completely stuck as to what you should write about, I do have some ideas that you might find useful as you get started. However, it’s important to keep in mind that these are just ideas and you can use your own idea if you have one. All of these are just ways that you can get the ball rolling and move forward.

Write about yourself.

If you are new to the blogging world completely and people don’t really know you, you can write about yourself. Introduce who you are, why you started your blog, and what your hopes and dreams are. You don’t have to talk about anything you don’t want to talk about and you can talk about anything you do want to talk about. You are in complete control. Just write something that lets your readers get to know you a little better and connect with you on a more personal level.

Write about your blog.

When you first start blogging you may not know exactly what your game plan is in terms of goals or vision. But you probably know a few things you hope to accomplish as well as what you want to write about for the most part. If that’s the case you can take this opportunity to introduce your blog to the world. Tell your readers what sets you apart from other blogs in your niche and why they should stick around and follow you.

Dive right in.

For your first blog post, especially if you already have an “About Me” page (which all blogs should have anyway), you could just dive right into creating content. If you know what niche you are in (beauty, lifestyle, fitness, etc.) you can start writing blog posts about that topic. This is totally acceptable to do as your first blog post and helps you establish some sort of credibility with your audience. So if you are stuck with what to write release some of that pressure and just dive right in for your first idea on content relating to the niche(s) you want to fall in.

So those are some ideas on what you can write about for your first blog post! However, there are many, many more ideas out there and if you come up with your own and want to pursue that, that’s totally fine! Just stay true to you and do what you think is best. Thank you so much for being here! Please be sure to like this post and follow before you leave to stay updated on all my future posts!

Day In My Life

Hey guys! Welcome back. I recently posted a “Day In My Life” over on Love, Geeky Girl. I will leave the link here in case you want to go check it out. These are super fun for me because I get to take you through my day and show you some behind-the-scenes things. So hopefully you enjoy!